Kenya McRae is an entrepreneur, engineer, author, caregiver, inventor, investor, minister, and motivational speaker. She overcame all the odds of having a disadvantaged childhood and became living proof that faith plus determination equals success.

She is the founder and CEO of McRae’s Foods and is known for her gourmet barbeque sauce line – Mama’s Backwoods Sauce. Kenya is also the founder and creator of Cheerful Givers- an agency that assists small to mid-size nonprofit organizations streamline the contribution process.  Most recently, she was divinely inspired to build a new brand of hygiene-protective products – CoverIt Covers®

Kenya says her passion and commitment to succeed were embedded as a child. If anyone dared to count her out, the tenacity and determination to leave a lasting legacy have proven them wrong.  Whether creating a personal protection company focusing on helping individuals safeguard their health or building a food manufacturing facility to assist small businesses with co-packing and manufacturing, Kenya is an example of how big ideas can be forged from humble beginnings.

As a public speaker, Kenya brings both corporate and professional insights to her audiences. She worked with the Department of Defense as an engineer and holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science as well as Masters in Business Administration and a graduate from Joseph Business School.

Most notably, Kenya is the author of How to Be Sweet, Spicy, S.A.U.C.Y. & Successful: Success Secrets from the Front Lines of Specialty Gourmet Sauces.  Through writing, leading by example, and speaking, she is dedicated to encouraging and motivating others to learn not to “play the game,” but to become active participants in directing their futures.